Its development and use

The Hurley Dolly on location

Pete has been engaged to do a fulldome movie of the night sky for the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Centre in Carnarvon.  This entailed taking two EOS 5DmkII cameras plus fisheye lenses, and computers plus two dollys – the dynamic perception MX2 dolly and the Hurley Dolly in a 4WD and driving from Hobart to Exmouth.  5,000km across Australia and half way up it.

The story is told on at which you’ll find pretty interesting.  Hard work, very hot but rewarding.

The Hurley Dolly proved to be quick and foolproof.  Also very rugged.  It just did what it was supposed to every time.  The batteries were in the box and seemed to last forever.  The switches and knobs are excellent – when it’s hot,and you’re tired (and we were!) then you don’t have to think because everything does what it says.

I’m making a few modifications now – a buzzer to tell you it’s stopped its run, a wider vernier scale for mm moved, and an ability to take over the timing using an external hand-held camera timer.  I’m also remaking the frame, using a professional bending service to make a better-looking system.

Here’s a few pictures of the Hurley Dolly on our trip. Click on a picture to enlarge it and get a slideshow.


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